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The information below pertains to ALL Massachusetts Hockey registered programs. This includes towns and clubs that participate with USA Hockey.

As you may already know, USA Hockey has had a helmet rule on the books for several years which has required all USA Hockey certified coaches and volunteers to wear helmets when they are on the ice.
At it's Annual Congress in June, 2018, USA Hockey amended this rule to add a mandatory 30-day suspension from all activities involving USA Hockey registered programs for failure to comply with the rule.

See USAH Rules and Regulation IV (A) on page 142 of USA Hockey’s Annual Guide.
Massachusetts Hockey is required to enforce that rule and it can be found on page 37 of Massachusetts Hockey’s Annual Guide.

Pursuant to these rules Massachusetts Hockey will enforce them as follows:

  • Any complaint concerning violation of these rules must be made using the provided link.
  • All complaints will be reviewed by the Chair of the Massachusetts Hockey Disciplinary Committee.
    • After review the complaint will be referred to the relevant program for action and enforcement of the rule.
  • The program must report back to the Disciplinary Chair on the action it has taken and the said Chair will keep records of same and follow up as necessary.

The penalty is mandatory.  There is no discretion involved in the matter, however, as this is a disciplinary matter, the offending party has a right to a hearing. The hearing must be held by the program before it invokes the penalty. The offending party has a right to appeal.
All complaints to be considered must have the following:

  • Name of the complaining party, along with their contact information.
  • Information sufficient to identify the offending individual.
    • Can Include:
      • Name and contact information.
      • Program he/she is associated with.  
      • Date, time and place of the violation.
  • Real evidence of the incident, such as a photograph, must be included with the complaint in order for it to be actionable.

If the identity of the individual violating the rule is clear, the Chair of the Disciplinary Committee may, in their sole discretion, issue a summary suspension pursuant to the provisions of USA Hockey Bylaw 10 and Massachusetts Hockey Bylaw Article XIV.

This rule is for the safety of all and Massachusetts Hockey requires it be complied with by all.

2018-19 USA Hockey Annual Guide

This link will redirect you to the 2018-19 USA Hockey Annual Guide posted online.

2018-19 Massachusetts Hockey Annual Guide

This link will redirect you to the 2018-19 Massachusetts Hockey Annual Guide posted online.


Direct any questions regarding the Discipline process to:

Christine Mayer

Christine Mayer

2nd Vice President, USAH Director (2021) & Discipline & SafeSport Committee Chair

Phone: (617) 429-2103