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2019 Recommendations for Sportsmanship Awards



Thank you for your support for the 2019 Massachusetts Hockey Sportsmanship Award applicant by providing your recommendation!

We offer stipends to be awarded in June to current or former youth and girls' ice hockey players.

Main basis of the award will be the evidence of good sportsmanship.

Please answer the questions on the next page and upload your recommendation.

Massachusetts Hockey Sportsmanship Awards Webpage:

To see more information on the Sportsmanship Awards and previous winners.

The below information is just for your reference to see what the applicants are submitting for the 2019 Sportsmanship Award.

Application Requirements for the Applicants:

All required questions in this registration need to be completely answered.

  • Upload statement from each Massachusetts Hockey program/association (Youth/Boys/Girls/Women’s Ice Hockey) which you (the applicant) has participated in for a minimum of 5 years to be signed by the Association Registrar or President.
    • USA Hockey Registration, Rosters, Bills/Receipts, MIAA High School Career Resume will not be accepted.
  • Download, fill out and upload guidance counselor certification form. Form is attached below for download.
  • Upload and attach a statement with focus on sportsmanship convincing the committee why you (the applicant) should receive the Sportsmanship Award.
    • Statement should not exceed double spaced, 12-point font, two (2) letter sized pages.
  • Please list any school or community awards or activities and the year they were received. For example, sports, school, community, church, etc. Attach a document if necessary.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation should be provided.
    • One letter from a current or former coach in any sport addressing to the candidate’s sportsmanship.
    • One letter from any adult (no relatives) addressing candidate’s sportsmanship (including, but not limited to coaches associated with any sport).
      • Please do not submit college recommendations that do not pertain to sportsmanship.
      • No recommendation will be accepted from relatives or from officers or directors of Massachusetts Hockey.
      • Letters can be provided in one of three different ways:


Please direct questions to:

Massachusetts Hockey

Massachusetts Hockey